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Window Shade Guide: Traditional Shades

Many of our customers find it difficult to choose window treatments for their homes. Some are not quite familiar with different types of window treatments out there or not sure how they differ. And those situations are understandable because of a huge selection of window fashion products. We cover these topics during our shop-at-home consultations. And today, we decided to share some insight through our blog as well.

The largest variety of window coverings (and the most confusion) exists in the world of window shades. Therefore, we are going to explore the differences and features of shades.

Buying considerations

First things first. Before diving into the world of available shades, make some observations and consider the following:

  • - Light: how much light does your window get and how much of it you want to let in?
  • - Sound: do you need to reduce outside noise?
  • - Decorating style: what is yours? Traditional, formal, modern, casual, etc.;
  • - Colors: what colors are there in your house?
  • - Budget;
  • - Safety and operation: do you want cords? Remotely operated or cordless options are easy and safe if you have children.

When you are decided about each item on the list above, you are ready to view the selection.

There are shade types that have been around for a while. We will call them “traditional” even though they can be very modern-looking depending on your fabric selection and style. Let’s review those “traditional” options first.

Roman Shades

Roman shades have soft, wide pleats that create folds when raised. They are a staple of the shade world and have their roots deep in history. Therefore, they are the most traditional and formal choice looking great in living rooms, dining rooms, a library, etc.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades

If you like the folded look but want to go a little more modern, check out modern roman shades that hang flat (or almost flat) like roller shades and have folds when pulled up.

Classic Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades offer beautiful folds of several styles and sizes, and a great variety of fabrics with a differing degree of sheerness. They can also be customized with a special insulating backing or darkening layer. Depending on the fabric, these shades will also provide good sound insulation.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades also have several fold styles and come in silk, linen and cotton fabrics. They can be precisely matched to your decor with available trims, tapes and fabrics.

Roller Shades

Window Roller Shades are made as a piece of material rolled on a rod. That is a very simple shade and operates by pulling on the material to unroll it (and roll back up).

Window Roller Shades

Some people consider such shades “cheap”. Indeed, there are very cheap roller shades made of vinyl in solid colors. However, those are just a small subset of roller shades. Despite their simplicity, window roller shades now come in a great variety of materials and looks to provide a multitude of light control and style options.

Roller shade materials and features:

  • Medium to heavy fabric – more traditional look and room darkening or complete blackout;
  • Light fabric – contemporary look with a slight room darkening;
  • UV-filtering solar roller shades – modern look and light filtering (see-through shades);
  • Natural fiber (grasses, bamboo, etc.) – more traditional, very natural and cozy look, great for beach homes. Room darkening.

To sum up, roller shades will give you an opportunity to achieve many goals on a budget. A perfect example are Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Hunter Douglas Screen Shades with many opaque to sheer fabric choices of modern prints and traditional solid colors to get a shades that is uniquely yours.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

Come back next month to learn about other types of window shades.

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