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Window Shade Guide: New Generation Shades – Much More Than Just Sheer

While traditionally shades just blocked the sun, today they are so much more. Let’s talk about the very latest developments and new combinations in the world of window shades.

It would make sense to start with the most “classic” type of shades – roller shades. Though not completely reinvented, today’s roller shades will give you more design and hardware options. But, most importantly, they will feature beautiful sheer fabrics that filter the light and reduce the heat and damaging rays and keep your favorite view for you to enjoy. These benefits are especially appreciated for the sunny and picturesque setting of your beach house.

Designer Sheer Roller Shades

An excellent example is Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades. They are so modern and “clean” with concealed top roller and clutch. At the same time, they are very stylish and give your many choices of coordinating materials for the top and bottom hardware. But most importantly, these shades offer you a wonderful selection of UV-filtering fabrics that are proven to reduce up to 75% of harmful rays.

And if you think that roller shades have gone far, wait till you learn about the new kind of sheer window treatments created by Hunter Douglas. They are, undoubtedly, the most advanced sheer window treatments on the market today. They are the result of  a brilliant idea of innovatively combining sheers with blinds.

In general, the blind-like vanes are placed in between (or over) the layer(s) of sheer material and are given the ability to operate much like a traditional blind. They can also be completely pulled-up or lowered. Such window coverings offer light filtering, insulation, privacy, and great style, all in one.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades have curved vanes that “float” between two sheer layers. They are stunning and provide any degree of filtering and privacy you might want by tilting the vanes. The S-shape is more advanced and achieves softer light diffusion. Hunter Douglas Nantucket Shades have S-vanes made of fabric.

Sheer Silhouette Shades

If you have larger windows and/or sliding doors, you can also consider Hunter Douglas Luminette sheers. You can think of them as a cross between soft sheer curtains and fabric vertical blinds. The result is simply gorgeous window coverings. The vanes rotate 180 degrees for unlimited light control while soft sheers provide warmth and beauty.

Sheer Luminette Shades

Yet, another innovation is Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades. They are truly unique and are comprised of soft fabric vanes that are attached to one sheer layer. When vanes are “open”, they look like open blinds with their vanes slim and horizontal. When they are “closed”, they look like a traditional shade with the vanes stretched vertically, closing off the view. The in-between positions provide various light filtering possibilities.

Sheer Pirouette Shades

So there you have it. We have looked at various types of window shades from traditional to the most up-to-date so that you can navigate the world of shades with confidence and choose the best fit for your home.

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