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Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization is a 2015 Winner

The original, January 2016, article was updated in September 2017 due to the enhancements of the described technology. Enjoy the updated version.

Would it be nice if your window coverings could just close slightly on their own to block sunlight getting into your eyes in just a section of a window? Or open up when you wake up without you having to do it? Well… it is possible and it is exactly what an innovative motorization system by Hunter Douglas does. It is called PowerView®.

PowerView Motorization was recognized not by one, but two prestigious awards: Best Of Year 2015 Interior Design and 2015 Design Innovation. This truly amazing technology takes your convenience to the next level. It takes advantage of technologies of the future to make your window treatments a building block of your comfortable and secure home. Let us take a closer look.

Why PowerView is so Amazing

With PowerView, you can program your window treatments to  move into certain positions throughout the day. With the help of the PowerView App you can schedule the show and let go. The window coverings will be changing positions at specified times according to your preferences to go up or down, open, close, filter, shade, or block. This way, without doing anything yourself, you will be totally comfortable while enjoying the views or your privacy.

How PowerView Work

The central point here is what’s called “Scenes” – “different combinations of each shade in the room, adjusted to the exact position you want at different times of the day based on your light, privacy and overall room ambiance preferences” (according to Hunter Douglas). You can create independent Scenes or multi-room Scenes.

After you set the Scenes, you can schedule them to activate on certain days or time of day. You can also program several multi-room Scenes to activate at the same time.

Another really nice feature is Sunset/Sunrise activation. The PowerView App can keep track of sunset and sunrise times for your location and adjust the activation timing throughout the year.

Worldwide remote activation, RemoteConnect , capability lets you control your window treatments with your mobile device from outside your home anywhere in the world (if you are connected to the Internet, of course).

There are several ways to control your motorized window treatments. A special remote, called Pebble®, is used to create Scenes for up to 6 shades/groups and control them with just a button click.

PowerView App is another option and you can use your mobile device. Just as with Pebble, you create Scenes and then activate them when needed. However, the advantage of the App is that you can also schedule the activation of the Scenes for a truly hands-free convenience. Set specific times of day or make use of features like Sunset/Sunrise activation that track those events in your area for you. In order to use PowerView App, a device called PowerView Hub is required. PowerView Hub connects to your home wireless network. Internet connection is not required (strictly speaking) but is needed to get the latest updates for your device and to utilize some features.

If you want to use PowerView throughout your entire home,  you will most likely to need a PowerView Repeater(s) – a device that expands the range of the PowerView Network in your home.

Home Automation Integration

Yet another way to take advantage of the PowerView Motorization capabilities is with the smart home system integration, or home automation. This is the most advanced, “modern day” way that provides additional benefits. PowerView Hub is required for home automation.

As of this updated writing, PowerView fully integrates with Nest, IFTT, Logitech, ELAN, Savant, Crestron, Control4, Universal Remote Control (URC), and RTI. Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Alexa support is coming soon and will require PowerView Hub, Gen 2. Support of the Apple’s and Amason’s technologies will allow you to control the window treatments with just your voice (through Siri and Alexa, respectively).

Depending on the home system it is integrated with, PowerView will have additional capabilities. When integrated with Nest, for example, the window treatments will be adjusted when you are away or the energy grid is near capacity (thanks to the Nest Learning Thermostat). Integration with ELAN will additionally allow to control the shades from a PC, a touchscreen, or a touchpad.

A separate mentioning of IFTT, which stands for “If This Then That”, is warranted. This is a powerful interface that allows you to control your window treatments upon a widest range of conditions, like when you enter a room, or a brightness level changes, or a device in your home comes on. However, additional devices/services may be required. Voice controlling is already possible with IFTT.

PowerView Compatible Window Treatments

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