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Things You Did Not Know About Hunter Douglas Window Treatments. Operation Features

Many people have heard about Hunter Douglas and that they are the window treatment industry leader. You know that if you need highest quality, elegant, and functional window coverings and the greatest choice of materials, colors, and shapes, this is the brand you need to go to. You may even know their most famous shade and shutter collections. However, there are some features that remain unknown. Today, we decided to summarize the available operating options and products they can be ordered with.


What looks like an ordinary, traditional blind cord, is actually an innovative mechanism. The cord is a retractable system of constant length. That eliminates dangling and insures your child and pet safety. It is also much more aesthetically pleasing. You raise and lower the window treatments by pulling on the cord.

Hunter Douglas Shades with UltraGlide operating feature

There is an even more advanced system UltraGlide 2 Click And Walk Away that automatically opens the vanes in a fully lowered position. It is available with Silhouette, Alustra Silhouette, and Nantucket shades.

UltraGlide system is available with the following products:


Vertiglide operating feature was created for situations when you need to operate your window treatments sideways. This can be handy for doors or to divide a room. Or you may simply want you vertical shades to frame both sides of a window. Vertiglide can be used with pleats and with folds.

Hunter Douglas VertiGlide operating feature

It is available with:


This is a very popular cordless choice for shades and allows you to open them by lowering the top, by raising the bottom, or a combination of the two so that the shade is settled somewhere in the middle of a window.
Silhouette Shades with Top-Down/Bottom-Up offer TiltAnywhere so that you can tilt the vanes in the shade to any position.

Hunter Douglas Shades with Top Down/Bottom Up operating feature

This operating feature is available with:


LiteRise is a cordless operating option where you raise the shades/blinds with a light push up or lower them by lightly pulling down.
This option provides even more safety for children and pets. It also completely eliminates the cord for a very clean view of your treatments. There will be no need for periodic height adjustment because the shades/blinds will not sink and will stay at the level you put them at.

Hunter Douglas Shades with LiteRise operating feature

LiteRise cordless system is available with the following products:


With EasyRise, the window treatment will have a continuous loop chain. You lower the covering by pulling on the front of the chain and raise it by pulling on the back of the chain.

Hunter Douglas Shades with EasyRise operating feature

EasyRise feature is available with:

PowerView Motorization

We covered this amazing advanced operating system in the previous articles when we talked about what PowerView is and how it works and when we talked about the Platinum App created to take advantage of this technology with your mobile devices.

There are some new developments with the PowerView and it is now compatible with many Home Automation Systems. Besides Logitech, the compatible systems are Nest, IFTT, ELAN, Savant, Crestron, Control4, Universal Remote Control (URC), and RTI.

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