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Beach Window Treatments

We know that today’s topic generates a lot of interest, especially from the local customers in the areas that we serve. Therefore, we have decided to talk exclusively about the window treatments for homes in the beach areas, like Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Bethany Beach in Delaware where we live and work.

As each homeowner strives to achieve beauty in their homes and select the most suitable window coverings, the owners of beach homes have some specific considerations. First of all, it makes sense to decorate the coastal homes in such a way as to compliment and replicate the surroundings, like ocean, sand, sunlight, grasses, lots of air, etc. Many beach area homes have beautiful views that most definitely need to be seen from inside the house and breezes are welcome. At the same time, summers can be hot, so good sun protection can be important. There are also storms and hurricanes that need to be reckoned with. This unique mix of considerations means that some window treatments will be better suited for beach homes than the others.

Plantation Shutters

Shutter is a staple of the beach window treatments. The most popular choice for homes located in the beach area is Hunter Douglas NewStyle Composite Shutters. They combine the beauty of a real wood shutter with the durability of composite materials to withstand the wind, salt, and moisture – the quality that is really appreciated by the owners of beachfront homes and allows the shutters to be used on the exterior. The shutters also provide additional protection for the inside of the home during the hurricane.

Plantation Shutters in a Beach Home

At the same time, the open louvers let the ocean breeze and light flow into the room freely and the fully open shutters do not obstruct the beautiful views. The modern materials ensure superior straightness, easy maintenance, and a smooth finish.

Plantation Shutters tick most of the boxes on the beach window treatment requirements list, so it is no wonder they are the most popular choice for beach window treatments.

NewStyle Shutters in White Lace

The popular color choices are White Lace, Crisp White or Swiss Cream.

Provenance Woven Wood Shades

The natural woven shades is a timeless classic when it comes to decorating a beach house. Hunter Douglas Provenance Wooven Wood Shades are hand-woven and made of the natural wood fibers, grass, and reed.

Provenance Sierra White Bark Pine

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, materials of various wood tones can be a good fit. Darker tones will create a richer, more rustic look, like Rustica Weathered Timber or Veranda Wicker Rocker. Lighter woods, like Montana Pumpkin Seed, result in a more relaxed beachy feel.

Provenance Montana Pumpkin Seed

Another great option is light grassy or almost white material for an airy, easy atmosphere, reminiscent of sand or water, like Cambria Pebble White, Shoal Bay Moonlight, Hatteras Sand Dunes, or Sierra White Bark Pine.

Provenance Cambria Pebble White

Silhouette Shades

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades are another very popular choice here in the Delaware beach area. The reason being, they are the most versatile and elegant window coverings that provide light control and privacy while dressing up your windows. These are newer shades and have some amazing features that complement the beach environment beautifully.

Silhouette Matisse Feathered Down Shades

The S-shaped fabric vanes that float between two sheer layers allow you to completely soak in the outside scenery while softly diffusing the sunlight and achieving a brightly lit but protected interior. Silhouettes are extremely airy and stylish. The special shape and the metallic coating on the vanes create the stunning light show that is unique to this shade.

Silhouette Chateau Vin Blanc Shades

For some specific suggestions, consider Silhouette Shades in Chateau Vin Blanc, Matisse Feathered Down, or Mystere Twilight Show.

Pirouette Shades

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades are another stylish, contemporary choice that fits really well in a beach home.

Pirouette Shades in a Beach Home

Soft fabric vanes of Pirouette Shades are attached to a sheer backing and expand or contract controlling light and privacy. When completely open, the shades allow for views of the surroundings but still diffuse the sunlight. When closed, these window treatments sport beautiful fabrics and look like a contemporary shade. You can choose an opaque or a room darkening material.

Pirouette Stria China White

The following fabrics work great for beachy window treatments: Satin Birch, Satin Magnolia, Stria Sugar, or Linen French Vanilla.

Roman Shades

There is another option to consider for your beach house window treatments – traditional roman shades in sandy, blue or white colors that replicate the natural tones of the coastal regions.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades have several good options, like Shantung Ming Porcelain, Seaside Waterfall, Klein Parchment, or Zipper Nautical.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades are the more contemporary shades with several fold and construction options. This collection also has some nice, beach appropriate selections, like Seaside Waterfall, Gridlock Burlap, or Dreamweaver Fountain to name a few.

Design Studio Seaside Waterfall

And there you have – a selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments that has been popular among our Delaware beach clients and that works great for dressing up your beach home in harmony with the coastal surroundings.

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