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Plaster Wall Finishes – Quite a Selection for Every Look

Since Venetian Plaster is a name commonly used to refer to a multitude of various plaster finishes, this term along is not capable of describing the specific look you might be after. Below we compiled a list of more precise terms for the finishes that can be created with a plaster on the interior walls and ceilings in your home or office.

Pitted Plaster – pitted, medium rough appearance with a stone-like finish.
Pitted Plaster

Travertino Plaster resembles a natural Travertine stone.
Travertino Plaster

Marmorino Classic Stucco – fine stucco with marble components. Marble or flame-resembling pattern is created with a trowel. In the next article we will take a look at various types of stucco.
Marmorino Stucco

Classic Plaster (Spaculata, Stucco Veneziano, or Grasello) applied in several layers and finished up with a metal trowel by polishing it to a mirror-like shine. This technique exposes remarkable depth and colors of the plaster. Traditionally done in one color, multi-colored classic plaster is gaining popularity.
Classic Marmorino

Metallic Marmorino – Venetian Plaster with gold, silver, or bronze shimmer that changes with the light.
Metallic Marmorino

Marmorino Limestone – smooth to textured off-white plaster with added fine grains of sand and dark grey marble.
Marmorino Limestone

Marmorino Portland – smooth to textured beige plaster with added fine grains of sand and pink marble.
Marmorino Portland

Marmorino Yorkstone – smooth to textured beige plaster with added fine grains of sand and light beige marble.
Marmorino Yorkstone

Suede (Leather) Plaster made to resemble the look of suede (or other leather materials).
Suede Plaster

Sprayed Plaster – synthetic (acrylic) plaster, popularly known as “popcorn”.

These are just subjective categories of decorative plaster finishes. In general, any material, whether rough stone, polished stone, leather, wood, etc., can be imitated by a skillful application of the right plaster product. Just check out the alligator-like finish below. Stunning.

Alligator Leather Plaster

Please, fell free to contact us to learn more about Venetian plaster or for a consultation. Thanks for reading.

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