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Painting Trends: Colors

With summer in the full swing and everyone mindful of the fashion and style, we decided to take a look at the current painting trends. We will explore general popular color choices as well as specific to the coastal beach areas.

Not so long time ago it was all about neutrals, with beige being the most widely used. The second place was, probably, after khaki, followed by various coffee hues.

Well, today neutrals are still big. Beige and taupe are valid choices. Coffees, on the other hand, are not in favor. But most importantly, there is a new sheriff in town. The most popular neutral right now is gray. Tons of pictures on popular social websites, in paint manufacturers’ brochures, and in design resources are sure to convey the idea.
See, for example the picture below showing three spaces (kitchen, dining room, and nook) done in different hues of gray (cabinets, trim, walls, etc.).
Gray painted rooms

This photo below demonstrates a simple bathroom with wall painted in subtle warm gray.
Light gray painted bathroom

There is a multitude of beautiful gray hues to choose from that will work for every room in the house. Soothing light gray will create a spa-like tranquility in a bathroom. Medium warm gray will bring the atmosphere of comfort and calmness to a bedroom. Stylish, contemporary kitchens and living rooms can sport shades from cool to warm and light to dark, depending on the desired effect and lighting conditions of your rooms.
The photo below shows the combination of grays that really make this bedroom a retreat. Another trend, which we will discuss next, is also represented in this photo.
Very trendy colorful bedroom with two hues of gray and yellow ceiling
Light gray painted bathroom

As far as other colors, fresh hues of blue are very popular, as well as purples, greens, and yellows. See, for example, this design by Behr paint that shows the trend very well with plum and purple accents on taupe-purple walls.
Paint trends by Behr

Another trend continues from the previous years, but right now it is even more pronounced. The desire for more color became obvious several years ago. It has grown substantially since then, and right now the trend is for more saturated colors that are freely, boldly used.
Richer, more saturated colors

This is the ultimate depiction of the bold use of bright colors:
Very colorful stairwell

The idea of accent wall has been around for a few years and is now being supplemented by using of brighter colors in places such as a ceiling, inside a bookshelf or on a few pieces of furniture. But more and more often not only accents are enjoying the bold splashes.
Bright colors beyond accent walls

See below examples of trend for blues, greens, yellows, and “livable” purples combined with the movement for bright hues and colorful combinations.

Trendy blue shades of paint complimented by yellows and greens

Green painted built-ins and bright yellow accents

Cheerful lilac paint for kids room

Deep but pleasant plum-purple painted mudroom furniture with bright green walls

In a few days, we will take a look at the specifics of the coastal area and its color trends.

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