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Beach Paint Color Trends

Today we are exploring the beach paint color trends. Beach living designs are following the general trends in using bright hues, bolder mixes and popular colors. But what sets coastal color trends apart from the rest, is the especial love for yellow and blue. Blue is absolutely beachy, and no surprise here. And you have seen yellow on the exterior of many coastal region homes. But now yellow is used boldly for interior painting.
More of and brighter yellow used in coastal homes

Beach blue and yellow work great together:
A combination of blue and yellow is a winner

Of course, white is a classic beach color and is still widely used to offset bright hues and to bring colors together. See below for classic airy colors that are still very trendy.
Classic white and blue beach colors

The photo below is from a paint manufacturer’s catalog. The general trend for green color is adapted to beach living. The result is a water-like sea green.
Beachy version of trend for green paint

Now, lets get to painting! Call or e-mail Colorwise And More to bring the latest color fashion into your beach home. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more trendy discussions.

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