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Pantry Organization Solutions and Tips

As we continue discussing organization solutions for your home, let’s talk about another place begging for some order in most homes – pantry. Even walk-in pantries are prone to becoming messy and seemingly lacking of storage space. However, the problem for most, big and small, is the absence of organization. You will be amazed at how much storage capacity could be gained by instilling some order to this all-important space.

Not to sound like a broken record… but start with a clean out. Just like other areas we have already covered, pantries accumulate lots of items that should be discarded but remain and take space. Go through everything you have in your pantry and throw away expired foods and broken items. Consider donating non-perishables that you do not need or long unused things like kitchenware or containers. However, before getting rid of potential storage helpers create an organization plan. Maybe you could use what you already have.

Sort everything into groups of related items as you go. This will make it easier during to next stage when you create your organization plan and then start loading things back in.

Once only needed items remain and everything is sorted, take a good look and create a plan. Decide on the best way to keep and where to put your belongings.

We will not go into various possibilities for containers, holders, tiered towers, etc. and the best placement. We will rather concentrate on foundational things like cabinets, shelving and accessories options. The main thing to remember is to put the most frequently used items at an eye level and within the easiest reach.

Storage and organization solutions

As with other spaces, you can choose to go with wire or solid shelving. Benefits and drawbacks of each have been previously discussed in the article on closet organization. Pantries tend to contain a lot of smaller sized items which can make wire problematic. BUT… you are advised to keep such items in a container of some sort and not free roaming.

Now, if you have a walk-in, generous size pantry, you have 2 options: open shelves or cabinets. Open shelves provide clear view, a little easier access, and don’t require any clearance for door opening. Closet cabinets will hide less aesthetically pleasing items, protect contents from dust or “unauthorized access” (for example, spirits from children), and will result in a streamlined clean look. So, it is really up to you and both can find their place in the same pantry.

Beautiful walk-in pantry

No matter with kind of storage you decide on, choose the one that lets you adjust the height of shelves. It is very important.

Another important feature of the system you choose is pull outs. They make it for so much more convenient access. Depending on the system, you might be able to get pull out shelves or drawers (excellent for bulky appliances, for example, or larger containers) and pull out baskets (great for produce that do not require refrigeration).

If you keep items besides food in your pantry, then extras such as dividers for sheets, trays, and other large thin pieces, or wine racks, or glassware holders can be very handy.

Example of tray divider, wine rack and glass holder accessories

Pantry door does not need to be forgotten and can be outfitted with additional storage, like hanging shelves, baskets, holders, or hooks. Even cabinet doors (a bonus of the closed system) could be useful for proving more space with hanging accessories.

ORGhome storage solutions that we offer provide all of the above possibilities combined with excellent quality and professional design and installation. We have successfully converted not small reach-in and larger walk-in pantries into pride and joy of our customers. A well-organized pantry will have numerous benefits starting with less stress and all the way to enjoying homemade meals.

We will be glad to help you achieve these so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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