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Organizing Your Garage

Let’s keep on the subject of organizing your home and continue with a garage organization because for most people it is the space that needs it most urgently.

We are not going to tell you that one of your biggest investments is sitting under the elements, bird droppings, and fallen leaves, or that it gets crazy hot inside in the summer or bone chilling cold in the winter. You know that yourself. But just think whether you are really tired of the hassle of looking for something or getting something out when you need it.

Remember, the goal of organizing the garage is to keep things off the floor and easily available.

Clean out

As with any organization project, the first and most important step is to clean out and throw away the clutter you don’t need, like something you have not used in a couple of years. Be very thorough with this step and you are off on your way to a truly nice garage.

Consider involving the entire family because they might have to make decisions about their items and it will go faster this way too. Separating things you are keeping into categories as you go helps tremendously.

Move elsewhere

Every garage has items that are actually better stored in other places, so consider finding them a new home.

Paint should be kept in a climate controlled environment or it will go bad.

If your garage is not temperature controlled, then it is not a good place for a fridge either. Otherwise, it will be an inefficient energy sucker.

Propane can ignite and explode and should always be stored outside.

Things that attract bugs and wild life, like paper dishes or food (pet or human) should be in the house and not in the garage.

Getting it done!

After you have only the really needed items and everything is sorted into categories waiting to be stored, you are ready for the next part – organizing. The bonus of sorting in advance is that you now know exactly what you have in each group so that you can decide on how to store those items best.

It pays to think the layout through in advance. It is even better to have a sketch that shows the type of organization solution for each group of items and its location.

In fact, this is exactly what professionals like us will do – create a layout draft to go by.

Garage organizers

Shelves/cabinets. The main storage space is usually created with either shelves or cabinets. It may be a good idea to use both because they are best for different purposes. Open shelves are great because they allow to easily see and access stored items. Cabinets are irreplaceable for keeping things away from easy reach (like, chemicals) or dust, storing something unsightly, and they give a very neat look overall.

Storage solutions we offer can be made in a number of finishes with varying configurations of shelves, hooks, and rods. There is a number of different cabinet types, like shelving units, hanging cabinets for sports gear or garden tools, recycling units with pull out bins, drawer cabinets, sink base cabinet, etc. All cabinets are raised above the floor for easy cleanup and to keep items away from moisture. Our cabinets can also be ordered with glass doors.

Track systems. These are wall mounted rails that allow for attachment of various accessories, like baskets, hooks, magnetic bars, etc. The accessories are chosen depending on the items your need to store on the track, like garden tools, soft items, power tools, hand tools, and even bicycles. We offer Silver Track system for storing a variety things.

Example of a garage organization solution with cabinets, track system, tool panel, and custom work/entertainment station

Peg boards/panelized systems. These are another variation of wall mounted solutions. In the case of a peg board, you can hang things from pegs that get inserted into the board’s holes. Peg boards give great flexibility of item placement and are inexpensive. However, they cannot be used for heavier items. Panels are used to attach accessories that store items up on a wall. This is similar to a track system but gives more flexibility for item placement. They are also capable of supporting reasonable heavy objects, like bikes. We offer an ORGwall system with a multitude of attachments for basically any purpose.

Ceiling mounted racks are usually used for keeping bulky and/or rarely used items.

Of course, many more storage solutions exist for achieving specific results. We have briefly touched on the main groups that match the needs of most home owners and can be used for a variety of items.

Finishing touches

Finally, we would like to talk about the garage floor. Typical garage floor is a concrete slab with expansion joints (or cracks) and quickly gets stained with oil, paint, dirt, and what not. The result is, quite frankly, not that good looking. When you tackle your garage organization project and clear up the floor, you might arrive at a pretty unsightly view. There is, however, a great solution. We recommend painting the floor. It will cover the ugliness, protect from future spills and also help control the moisture. The floor needs to be painted with a special paint. An epoxy based product is used most often and gives great results.

Please, feel free to call or email Colorwise and More for help with your garage organization project. We will be happy to do as much or as little as you want.

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