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Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Savings Rebate Event

Hunter Douglas window fashions improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it cozier both in the cold of the winter and in the summer heat. Improve your comfort and reduce your energy bill while also getting some cash back for doing so. Hunter Douglas is running another rebate promotion until April 9, 2018. See below for specific products and requirements.

Participating Window Treatments

Duette Shades: $100 for every 4 shades and $25 for each additional unit;
Vignette Roman Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum) and $50 for each additional unit;
Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades: $100 for every 4 shades and $25 for each additional unit.
The rebate will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card. There will be no monthly fee if the card is used up within 6 months or $2.00/month beyond 6 months.

Call or contact us to get your new window coverings and use this opportunity to save.

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Sustainable Eco-Friendly Custom Closet Solutions We Are Proud Of

We, at Colorwise and More, like the idea of sustainable living. And custom closet systems manufacturer ORG Home takes this idea very seriously because being eco-friendly is one of the main goals for the company. This is one of the reasons we chose to partner up with ORG Home and why we are so proud of the custom closet solutions we offer. Please, read on to learn how they are made with future generations in mind and about the many ways the responsible company is making a difference.

Eco-Friendly Closet Solutions

The ORG Home closet elements are made of the manufactured panels that contain 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fibers. Those are the unused lumber particles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Building a system out of such panels as opposed to solid wood saves trees and reduces the landfill use. The ORG Home’s panels are certified Environmentally Preferable Product. They are also certified as compliant with the California Air Resources Board Phase II indoor air quality standards which mean the air in your home will be much healthier. Our standard closet system panels have very low emissions and the upgraded (“plus”) panels have no added urea formaldehyde. That is very good news for everyone but especially for people with breathing sensitivities.

Sustainable Closet Solutions

Our custom closet solutions use signature Forterra surfaces which are made from the recycled ingredients in a process that results in better durability and less material.

Many of our closet accessories are powder-coated. This low-impact manufacturing process is eco-friendlier that conventional alternatives.

The ORG Home closet elements are created to last so that the customers will not have to throw them away due to aging and if/when their needs change. The products are super sturdy and durable but they are also very reconfigurable and versatile. By adjusting the interior of the units and rearranging them in different combinations, they can be repurposed and serve for many-many years.

Responsible Company Practices

    Recycling is implemented throughout every aspect of the ORG Home operations:

  • - Nearly 94% of the company’s total waste is recycled locally, including 100% of scrap wood, wood fibers from products and packaging, metal, copper wire, and cardboard waste.
  • - Packaging cardboard has 25% to 35% recycled content.
  • - All of technology tools get recycled or refurbished for reuse.
  • - ORG Home employees are invited to bring old batteries, magazines and paper from home for recycling.
  • - Special systems recycle the warm air from the company facilities and return it back as heat reducing the heating fuel consumption by about 50%.
  • - A beautiful pond that is a part of the landscaping collects run off water from the roads and a parking lot. This water is reused for irrigation.
  • - Due to the efficient lighting programs, the energy use for lighting is reduced by about 80%.
  • - The delivery trucks always run full. Both ways. This reduces the company’s costs, your price, fossil fuel consumption, and road congestion. This is so good for the air we breathe.

The company cares about their “family” and community health. There is a dust collection system that significantly purifies air in the plant. Special programs are in place to improve the financial and physical well-being of employees, as well as community and environment health.

Unconventional Benefits

Of course, being sustainable thru recycling and efficient use of resources and energy is a well-known way to make a difference. But there are other ways a closet system can positively impact people’s lives and ultimately result in benefits for our environment.

By using a good closet organization solution, you will need less space for your home. As a result, less materials and energy are required. Savings for you and for our planet.

When you do not know exactly what you have, it is much more likely you will make extra trips to a store wasting time, money, and fuel, and get items that are likely to go unused. Wastefull all around. By organizing your space, you can take inventory quickly. As a result, you buy only what you need and either repurpose the extra items or donate them.

A closet system increases the value of your home. Clean and organized homes are much more attractive to buyers. But, even more than that, the closet organization system is a feature many buyers are looking for these days.

Most importantly, of course, by organizing your home, you should get a better quality of life with less stress. But did you know that it can also result in significant time savings for you? National Association of Professional Organizers have conducted a survey. They concluded that more than a half of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized. So, go ahead, save up some time for making a difference yourself or to simply enjoy life.

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Shoe Storage Solution Worthy of Your Holiday Wish List

Just what the title says! Seriously. This new unit for our custom closets is unbelievably great. Let us show you.

Even if you are not a shoe collector, chances are you still own quite a few pairs of shoes. If you count your significant other’s footwear, you get a very respectable number of pairs. However, footwear usually presents a challenge when it comes to housing it. Widely available solutions “do not quite get it” and some are actually awkward or bad. It is no wonder shoes are often present a messy pile, scattered around or are struck in boxes. Regardless, it is not easy to choose a pair and not good for their longevity.

That is why the Shoe Shrine® is so long awaited and welcome. This amazing unit is spacious, universal and beautiful.

Show Shrine Shoe Storage Solution

The shelves of the organizer are fully adjustable and can be rearranged and moved to fit anything from flip flops to very tall boots. No tools required. All your footwear is visible and readily available. Super easy to choose and grab! Depending on your storage needs, you can start from a single tower and go all the way to the entire shoe wall. That means all of your footwear can be kept together in one place.

The organizer has a slim profile to maximize the room between the shelves. It is 14″ deep and integrates with all our other custom closet solutions.

And that is why this new shoe organization solution is something to be wishing for. So, go ahead, put it on your wish list this holiday season. Or just contact us yourself.

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Power Washing Guide (continued)

We have left the topic of the power washing for longer than anticipated and need to bring this unfinished business to its conclusion. Read on to learn how to power wash safely and effectively.

Safety first

So, let’s mention a few important things first. This activity involves a certain degree of risk and you need try and minimize it as much as possible. Below are the points to address and remember when working:

-          Asbestos and lead paint. If your house was built in 1970s or earlier it might have an asbestos siding or be painted with a lead-based paint. If either is the case, it is best to not do the power washing yourself and hire a professional. Asbestos fibers and lead-based paint particles are harmful and can be released during the process.

-          Provide access to foundation. Trimming shrubs and removing items that obstruct the foundation will make cleaning the foundation possible.

-          Clear the work area. Remove all objects from the work area if at all possible. They are a potential trip hazard.

-          Electricity. Be mindful of power lines if you have any in the air. Make sure there are no exposed electrical wires and connections. Try not to direct the spray to the outlets and other electrical items. Do not touch any electrical items with wet hands. To be extra safe, turn off electricity to the exterior fixtures and outlets. Obviously, you will need to use some of the outlets if you have an electric pressure washer.

-          Do not direct spray at other people or animals. Do not leave the running power washer unattended.

-          Protection. Wear goggles. Earmuffs are helpful if you have a gas pressure washer.

-          Ladders. It is best to avoid using a ladder. However, it is not always possible or not using it is even more dangerous sometimes. Therefore, make sure that ladder is positioned properly at an 75-78-degree angle. Check that the ladder is secure before climbing. It is tricky to be up on the ladder, hold the wand and counteract the force of the water. Do not continue if you feel uneasy with the situation. Extension pole might be an option instead of the ladder.

Step-by-step guide

OK, we know now how to do this work safely. Let’s talk about how to do power wash effectively.

Below is a process step-by-step:

  1. Choose a non-rainy and non-windy day. It is best move with the sun and wash the sides of the house when they are NOT in the direct sunlight. Hot from the sun surface will dry very quickly and that will interfere with quality washing.
  2. Repair damaged areas.
  3. Soap and mildewcide. Assess the amount of mildew and dirt and whether the pretreatment and soap are necessary. For severe mildew, get a garden sprayer and fill it with bleach and mildewcide solution. If the mildew is not too bad, you can just add the mildewcide to the soap solution. We recommend using soap for all applications except if the exterior is only lightly soiled. There are soaps specially formulated for different exterior types. Follow the mixing directions and prepare the solution.
  4. Prepare your tools and equipment. Have a sufficient amount of gas if you use a gas-powered machine.
  5. Cover the landscaping plants (optional).
  6. Close windows and doors.
  7. Check the safely list (above) and take precautions.
  8. If you have a wood of brick exterior, wet it first with a garden hose.
  9. If pretreatment is needed, spray the solution onto the heavily affected areas and let it sit a few minutes. Then work it with a brush and rinse off. Alternatively, you can just rinse off with a pressure washer.
  10. Attach the garden hose to the power washer. Start the machine.
  11. Attach a black nozzle and spray the soap onto the house surface from the bottom up. Work either the entire house side or a section if the whole side is very large. Leave the soap on for a few minutes.
  12. Change the nozzle to white or green and wash the surface from the top down. Keep the wand perpendicular to the house. Start a couple of feet away from the surface and move to about 1 foot if the pressure is not damaging. Be careful around windows and doors trying not to spray directly to where the frames meet the exterior surface.
  13. Continue on the next side or section until the entire house is clean.
  14. Stop the power washer and pull the trigger to release the pressure before unhooking the garden hose.

That is it. A few hours later you will be able to admire your sparkling clean home and truly enjoy spending time outside on a deck or patio.

Pressure washing is not a rocket science but it does take a certain amount of knowledge, mindfulness and effort. It may also be challenging if your home is taller than 1 story. For those reasons, you may prefer to use professional help. Contact us and we will be glad to power wash your house.

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Hunter Douglas 2017 Season of Style Rebate

This year’s Season of Style promotions is here. Get your house looking its best for this holiday season and save by taking advantage of this rebate offer.

Select Hunter Douglas window treatments in varying quantities are eligible for this promotion and you need to order yours by December 11, 2017.  There is still time but not too much. So, see below for specific requirements and contact us.

Participating Window Treatments

Alustra Silhouette: $100 for every 2 shades and $50 for each additional unit
Alustra Duette Architella Shades: $100 for every 4 shades and $25 for each additional unit
Alustra Pirouette: $100 for every 2 shades and $50 for each additional unit
Alustra Vignette: $100 for every 2 shades and $50 for each additional unit
Duette Shades: $100 for every 4 shades and $25 for each additional unit
Duette Architella: $100 for every 4 shades and $25 for each additional unit
Luminette Shades: $100 for every shade purchased
Silhouette Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Vignette Roman Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Pirouette Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)

The rebate will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card with no monthly fee if the card is emptied within 6 months.

Call or contact us to get your new window coverings and use this opportunity to save.

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New Window Shades By Hunter Douglas – Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

We are very happy to make this announcement of a great new product. The innovation genius of Hunter Douglas has been tirelessly at work and the result is a fusion of two favorite window shades. This is Sonnete Cellular Roller Shades that combine the neat modern look of roller shades with the superior energy efficiency of honeycomb cellular shades.

New Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades come in two opacities. The semi-opaque option diffuses light for a soft spread out glow and privacy. The room-darkening option allows for a complete light block-out.

The new shades are safe for kids and pets as they do not have any cords. The operation options are the modern day technology of PowerView Motorization, LiteRise cordless system, and new SoftTouch Motorization.

SoftTouch Motorization is a new operating option presently available only with Sonnette shades. It is a battery powered system and uses a wand. The window treatments are lowered by pulling down on the wand and are raised by gently pushing the wand up.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades are available in many textures and colors and you are bound to find a combination to complement your space. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide a free on-site consultation showing you the available options and giving you our recommendations.

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Hunter Douglas Smart Shades Savings Event

Make the most out of your Hunter Douglas window treatments. The exceptional window fashions combined with the modern technology for the ultimate convenience is a sure winning combination. And this combination can also save your some money.

Hunter Douglas is offering a $150 rebate on many shades with PowerView Motorization technology. When you buy qualifying shadings from July 1 until September 11, you will enjoy a $150 rebate. The qualifying quantities depend on the product. Below, is a list of participating shades.

Eligible Hunter Douglas Shadings

Alustra Pirouette: $150 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Alustra Silhouette: $150 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Pirouette Shades: $150 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Silhouette Shades: $150 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Duette Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Duette Architella Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Luminette Shades: $150 for every shade purchased
Vignette Roman Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Skyline Vertical Blinds: $150 for every blind purchased
Alustra Duette Architella Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Alustra Woven Textures Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Designer Roller Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Designer Screen Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Alustra Roller Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)
Alustra Skyline Shades: $150 for every shade purchased
Solera Shades: $150 for every 4 shades (4 shades minimum)

We have previously written about the PowerView Motorization. Please, check the following articles to learn more about this technology: Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization is a 2015 Winner and Control Your Hunter Douglas Window Coverings with a Phone or a Tablet.
Make an appointment today.

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Silhouette ClerView – New Shadings From Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas has announced a new member of the Silhoutte family – Silhouette ClearView. As a part of the Silhouette line, they feature the signature S-vanes for superior light diffusion but introduce the new combination of fabric and sheer that results in a much improved view through. The exceptional clarity of view is achieved by combining the black sheer backing with either black or white front sheer.

See the comparison of the standard and ClearView Silhouette shadings below.

ClearView vs standard Silhouette shadings

Silhouette ClearView is superior for the rooms that have beautiful outside views and do not require increased privacy, like living or dining rooms. Standard Silhouette shadings are the best for rooms that need more privacy and where light control is preferred over the view, like bedroom or office.

Introduction of the new Silhouette line offers even more opportunities to find exactly what your need for your windows. As usual, Hunter Douglas does not stop improving their products and search for new solutions.

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Power Washing Guide

As the days become mild and the time to enjoy the outdoors arrives, many people take a closer look at their deck, patio, driveway and pathways, or their home’s exterior and realize that they look dingy and something needs to be done.

Often, the weathered surfaces are considered aged and in need of replacement or at least repainting. However, in many cases, just a good cleaning can revive them and no repainting is required. The most common problems are dirt and mildew and they can be effectively eliminated with power washing. If you do need to repaint, pressure washing is an excellent surface preparation.

Power washing tools

First, let’s talk about the equipment you need. The most important is, obviously, a power washing machine.

There are electric and gas pressure washers. The former cost less and are lighter. But they are less powerful and more suitable for smaller, lighter jobs. Gasoline models are more powerful and suitable for tougher jobs. Specifically, cleaning your house exterior will take several times longer with an electric power washer. However, gas powered machines are costlier, noisier, less portable and need to be refueled.

Let’s explain the difference in effectiveness. The effectiveness is expressed in cleaning units which are pressure power PSI (pound per square inch) multiplied by flow rate GPM (gallons per minute). The bigger this number is, the more suitable for tough jobs the power washer is; which means it can tackle dirtier surfaces and clean quicker. Most often the PSI and GPM are listed as characteristics of different models. Typical electrical pressure washer boasts about 1200 psi at 1,5 GPM, while typical homeowner grade gas unit will deliver 2000 – 3000 PSI at about 2 GPM. Professional models deliver even more than that.

You can rent a power washer or buy your own to use over and over again. They are not very expensive and it might make sense to buy one. However, keep in mind that it will need to be stored somewhere and it will need to be maintained.

Pressure washer pushes water out of a tip on its wand. The diameter of the tip is important and greatly influences the effectiveness and the end result. Some basic washers only have one tip and might have a couple of settings for it. More serious machines have a set for various purposes. Generally speaking, the smaller the diameter is, the more forceful the water stream will be. The tips are universally color-coded. Yellow nozzles spray at a fan pattern of 15 degrees, green at 25 degrees, and white at 40 degrees. The black 60-degree tip is used for applying soap. Green and white are general purpose tips and are also used for rinsing off soap. Reserve the red nozzle (0 degrees) for unusual applications like stripping off hardened mud.

Another useful tool is an extension wand. Its use is recommended because pressure washing from the ladder is not safe. Gutter extension is a convenient way to clean gutters. Bruch attachment is not necessary and is mostly useful for jobs such as car cleaning.

Very often people are wondering whether or not to use soap. Soap significantly improves the end result – the surface will be cleaner and might not need another wash longer. Application of soap makes for a more tedious project but is worth it.

Use soap specifically designed for power washing and match it to the type of surface being cleaned. We will talk more about using soap later on.

Other tools you will need:

  • a 3/4″ diameter garden hose with standard couplings.
  • a bucket for mixing soap;
  • safety glasses and ear muffs;
  • optional: plastic sheets, garden sprayer, bleach, brushes, rubber boots, etc.

Let’s take a break for now. We will continue with the detailed step-by-step guide of the power washing process in the next article. Stay tuned.

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Hunter Douglas Celebration of Light Rebate

Summer is fast approaching with its sunny days, breezy nights and pleasing views. Take advantage of all these summer splendors with the right window treatments. Plus, you will reap some savings with the Hunter Douglas Celebration of Light Rebate offer on certain window shades.

The promotion runs until June 26, 2017. As usual with Hunter Douglas rebates, you will receive a prepaid reward card with total rebate amount. The funds will not expire but, in order to avoid a monthly fee, you will need to use the full amount with 6 months. There are minimum purchase requirements in order to qualify for a rebate, so see below for specifics and qualifying products.

Eligible Window Treatments

Alustra Pirouette: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Alustra Silhouette: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Pirouette Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Silhouette Shades: $100 for every 2 shades (2 shades minimum)
Luminette Shades: $100 for every shade purchased

Call or contact us to get a free consultation and an estimate or for more information on the rebate.

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